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nbc bay area begins with breaking news. we were on the boat, and then the next thing you know, we hit a rock, and it was like a big jolt, and it was just like, i don't know. >> hangover part 3, san francisco style. a bachelor party on the bay ends with a coast guard rescue. good evening everybody, i'm in for rajai mathai. and not the rescue that the bachelor was hoping for. a would-be groom found himself and his guests reaching for life
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boats, when they struck somebody out on the bay, causing them to take in water. and that meant help from the coast guard. the boat was towed in, and the bachelor will certainly have a good story to tell. >> reporter: that is right, i'm smiling, because this was a good news story. now, this was a pretty serious situation, but the 22 people on board didn't know that. the passenger and the crew was out for a party, a bachelor's party, on a boat called the "neptune," you can see here the passengers have their life boats on, and that is good news. the san francisco fire chief said they got a distress call about 9:00 tonight, the boat taking on water 400 miles outside of pier 39. luckily, the san francisco coast guard got out there before the boat started to sink. the guest of honor, or should i
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say, the groom-to be was taking it all in stride. >> well, we were on the boat, and next thing i know, we hit a rock, all of a sudden the coast guard came, we got off the boat, we heard them saying the guy is chest deep, trying to pump out water and stuff. not giving it good odd. >> we were just accidentally on the inside of the buoy, instead of the outside, and we hit what we call little alcatraz. but it was only one hole that filled, so -- >> you are looking at the boat's captain. he was a little shaken up. all he would tell me tonight is that he is glad everyone is okay. now, as far as the investigation, the coast guard will be looking into it. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl herd, nbc bay area
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news. okay, thank you so much cheryl. this just in, the giants are coming home for the national league series to take on the st. louis cardinals, it was decided after they beat the washington nationals in a come-from-behind victory. the giants tweeted this picture of papelbblo sandoval and tim lincecum, after their stunning win. the cardinals came back from a deficit and came back to win, 9-7, meaning they start at at&t park. after 1:00, the giants announced tonight madison bumgarner will start the game. game two will be on monday, before they move to st. louis for game three and four. and games five through seven will be played next friday, sunday, and monday, if necessary. new details tonight on what could be the largest disciplineary crackdown on the
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officers in the oakland police department. today, dozens were referred for discipline, and termination for their handling of "occupy oakland" demonstrators. this comes after there is a look into a possible federal takeover. >> overall, i think it is good news. because it kind of shows that maybe opd is taking a step in the right direction. >> reporter: this iraqi war veteran is reacting to the report released by the police department. the report says that the chief is recommending that two officers be fired for using excessive force, and 42 others disciplined or suspended for their actions during "occupy oakland" protests. he was critically injured during a protest last october. he is suing the city of oakland. >> i went into this with a very skeptical mindset, and this is -- in some ways, proving that they are -- taking the right
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actions. >> the report says that rules were broken during the occupy protests on october 25th and november 2 last year, and on january 28 of this year. >> it never looks good, when the police don't follow the rules. we hold the public accountable to the laws, and therefore, the police department has to hold our own officers accountable to the r5ules here. >> the broken rules include acting inappropriately, using force, refusing to supply names. >> these officers never chose to go out and had to deal with occupy. it was indecision and lack of leadership that put us in that position, multiple times. >> you know, this went through their peers, went through a chief that is not an outsider, somebody who came up through the ranks of the police department and knows these men and women. happening now just south of
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gilmore, a mother is missing, and a stand off with a man who may know something about her disappearance, police say the man is holed up in a home, and officers are surrounding it, guns drawn. now officers showed up earlier this evening to interview somebody who lived there about carroll, who was last seen in hollister when she dropped her five-year-old son off at school. now as the standoff continues, nearby homes have been evacuated. >> we will try to have a positive outcome, that is why we've already had a shift of officers come and leave. so we're committed to be here as long as as it takes for the safety of the officers, the individuals and the city. >> earlier, carroll's family was found torched in a field in hollister, there was no evidence that anybody was inside the car when this happened. and the 37th homicide
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happening, police say though, that they're making headway in the fight against violence. this week, they arrested four in connection with homicides, gang killings and four last year. now the four suspects are juveniles so they're not pictured here. new at 11:00, a terrible, torture killing of an exotic bird that lived at a farm. police arrested the two, 24 years old, reportedly uc berkeley law school students, caught on video abusing the bird at the wildlife habitat, which features many types of birds, the animal's head was cut off. both men are behind bars in las vegas tonight, facing charges of torturing and killing the animal. and danielle and tanya washington are connected to the killing of the retired
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elementary school teacher. but the police don't reveal why they think so. the washington police found the car stolen wednesday, they are linked to a crime spree in southern california. investigators say darnell escaped from the san bernardino prison with his wife's help, and shot a police officer. the hercules police are still interviewing the suspects. the bail is set at 3 million apiece. and state regulatories want them to pick up the tab for overhauling its gas pipelines. after the deadly explosion of san bruno in 2010, pg&e proposed billing the customers for part of the costs. but today, the ruling was that they would pay for two thirds of the upgrade, and the consumers, the other third. the final decision now goes to the final committee. and the endeavour is slowing
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making its way to the california science center via city streets. the shuttle left l.a.x. well before sunrise, rolled on a 160-wheel carrier. here is a look at the shuttle, the journey called "mission 26," going at a top speed of two miles an hour. they're maneuvering through the area, dodging power poles and buildings. if all goes as planned, the shuttle will reach its destination tomorrow. and coming up, the proud recipient of a new diploma from san jose state. >> the hold-up that took a half a century to fix, and made this grandmother a graduate. and then, it is an investigative unit report. hundreds are killed by trains in california every year. tonight, we check the bay area's track record and how your tax dollars are spent on keeping
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people out. and good evening, in the nbc bay area weather center, rain-free at the current moment on the radar, finding mid and high level cloud cover. we'll have showers, the chance of you getting this for saturday, coming up.
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. half a century after a 93-year-old woman left san jose state university, she finally received the one thing she always wanted. her diploma. the story new at 11:00, and nbc is live at san jose state, so george, what was the hold up all
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these years? >> reporter: she was told she fell one course short of graduating. she never went back and said she was raising her family from that point on. but 53 years later, san jose decided to look back at her record and discovered indeed, she had enough credits to graduate. so right now, the 93-year-old is proudly holding her new diploma. she waited 53 years for this moment. 93-year-old olive chandler waited this long. for 20 years, starting in 1938, chandler was determined to get her degree in home economics. but life got in the way. marriage, children, giving birth forced her to delay her education. and in 1949, at the age of 40, when she thought she had enough
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to graduate, she was told she fell short, one course short. by that time, she had to raise her family. >> because i know how much she valued education, how hard she had worked. and i knew she had attempted several times to finish. >> reporter: that is why her youngest daughter, wanted to do something for chandler. she contacted san jose state, recognizing her mother's love for learning. san jose state reviewed her records and concluded she had enough to graduate. but instead of a letter, san jose state awarded her a diploma. a bachelor's degree in home economics, backdated to august 28th, 1959. >> it is just the thing to prove i did it. but you know, it doesn't -- i don't go out and get a job or -- >> i'm real excited. i -- it is just -- a recognition of everything that she has worked for, and everything that she has done for us, for her
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family. >> reporter: while earning a diploma can mean a better economic opportunity, for olive chandler it means so much more. >> and education always puts you in good stead. my education was used all through the times i raised the family. >> and she says she wants to thank san jose state and her family for making this all happen. we're live at san jose state. >> she is so wise, she could be teaching courses at san jose state, okay, george, thank you so much for that story. and it could virtually paralyze the nation, defense secretary leon panetta is warning americans of a growing threat, a cyber attack by iran. >> a collective result of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber pearl harbor. >> defense officials tell nbc news that iran was behind a recent series of attempts to disable the websites to several major u.s. banks.
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now those attacks failed. but another iranian attack nearly shut down a saudi arabia oil company, experts say that type of attack should be a warning to the u.s. >> we don't have that type of security in the financial sector, the oil and gas sector, any of our critical infrastructures. >> leon panetta says that the industry must do more to combat those types of threats. and tragedy on the tracks, we often hear about deadly accidents on our rails. in fact, there were two of them just last week. but how often is there trouble? we break down the numbers of accidents and deaths. >> reporter: we found that transit agencies spend millions every year to try to stop the tragedies. but the problem is not going away. in every one involved, from family members to those killed, to local motorists and
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commuters, are affected. >> they have it in my mind -- what they look like, what they're wearing. >> reporter: lasting images left in the mind of local engineer. >> they end up getting themselves killed. and there is nothing you can do. >> reporter: during his 30 year career, he has witnessed ten people dying on california tr k tracks. >> you never stop thinking of it. >> reporter: it is the reality at the helm of a job, on a train, and they're not the only one impacted. take this cal-train wreck, a man hit and killed by a 200 ton train, halting service for nearly an hour. the federal railroad administration tracks accidents happening on interstate rail lines. since 2004, nearly 900 people have died in california. about a 7th of those happening in the bay area. and this year, there were more
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deaths in california than in any other state in the nation. >> i think it has more to do with the relationship of the population to the train tracks. >> reporter: that is david raglan, from the traffic safety center, and he analyzes a decade of video, looking at situations such as this, like this driver, trying to outrun the train. >> we want to eliminate the possibility of violating the signal in the gate. >> reporter: he says even though our rails may run through highly populated barriers, more fencing could deter cars and people from getting on the rails. >> we should be able to keep our rails safe. >> reporter: the problem is not just interstate rail lines. we looked at our local commuter rails. since 2004, more than 200 people have died. capit capital corridor saw the most
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tragedies, bart had fewer, as well as muni, and there were fewer deaths involving the santa clara train. david ketrosky runs the capital corridor line and feels trespassing is their number one problem. >> you wouldn't play on the highway, you shouldn't play on the train tracks. >> reporter: and people deciding to end their life on the rails is also a big issue. >> i think unfortunately, we're dealing with a mental health societial issue. >> reporter: all but one of the deaths were ruled suicides, that is despite installing new fencing inside the tracks. and transit police issued nearly 750 citations in the last two years for trespassing. >> the bottom line is we can't stop somebody who is truly intent on putting themselves in harm's way. >> reporter: one spokesperson said he knows there is no easy
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solution. >> it is painful, painful to myself and for everybody that it has happened to. so you just have to pick up the pieces and you go on, and that is the way life is. >> reporter: and we discovered pda spent 15 million to improve their gates. capital quarter has shelled out 1.2 million. we have posted all the data on our website at nbcbayarea news. >> and if -- if you have a tip for us, send them to the unit at >> and more good news just in time for the weekend. >> we'll warm things up in the seven-day forecast. maybe 20 degrees, in the satellite picture we're tracking showers off to the north.
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maybe high level clouds increasing. we can't rule out a shower from some of it as we head to tomorrow morning. we had 60s this week, 100 last week, and then in september, well, we had the fifth warmest september on record at mt. hamilton, with upper 70s. definitely not extremely hot. for their standards, it was one of the warmest. and then you take a look at san francisco, the second coolest in september, so wide extremes here, not only the past couple of weeks but for the last september in the bay area. extreme temperatures right now, already dropping into the 40s, and we may have a few temperatures close to the 30s as we head into tomorrow morning. let's take you outside on this chilly night to the sky camera network. the tower up above. 210 feet in telegraph hill, the tower constructed back in 1933.
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now, let's get to the action, storm doors wide open, some of the strongest activity in washington, oregon, also into canada. for us, the system that is producing all the rainfall, just breaking up. two weeks before it gets here. not expecting a big storm as we head through saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday of next week. high pressure builds offshore. not even for warm weather, parts of of the seven-day forecast with an anticipated 20-30 degree warmup in temperatures. a -- as for saturday, we'll start off sunny, but it will get much hotter for us. part of the weekend, 6:00. we'll have a few showers near the north bay. also widespread, cloud cover, to start. but the most sunshine by the afternoon hours that we've pretty much seen all week long. so saturday afternoon, not looking too bad. as for tomorrow morning, 46 in santa rosa, 49 in konld, and
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also 49 in san jose, and 50 also expected into livermore. all right, let's get you into the daytime highs for saturday, temperatures topping out. 73 in san jose, 72 in losgatos, not a bad day coming your way, a gradual warmup, 63 in san jose, 70 in santa rosa, and temperatures warming up, look at this, by thursday, friday, next week. upper 80s to near 90 degrees. so the temperatures getting hot. and i haven't said it, both of you, tgif. >> the weekend is here, thank you, jeff. back in a moment. . so... [ gasps ]
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♪ welcome back to nbc bay area, get ready to pack the park. the hottest ticket in the bay area will allow you to watch the g-men battle for a trip to the world series. st. louis cardinals were in action tonight, taking on the washington nationals. winner takes on the giants. top of the ninth, bases loaded, david descaso singles off the glove of ian desmond, next batter, singles two more runs come in.
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cards win 9-7, so they will come over to the bay area sunday. all right, bruce bochy has named the starters for the first two games of the series, madison bumgarner starting game one, ryan vogelsong gets the ball for game two. over to the a's, you know they saw the magical season end, no doubt the a's beat all the odds to not only make the post-season but to make the american league title. a day later it is hard for them to believe their season is over. >> you know, when you're not in the pennant race is, you kind of prepare for that. but when you lose a game you don't think you're going to lose and you think you're going to play the next day or go somewhere else. it is a little bit difficult. but you know, off the top of my head if you look back at the beginning of the season and see what we accomplished, it was
11:29 pm
unbelievable. >> all right, first game in the bull's franchise history, shark's gm dropping the ceremonial puck, we got a fight in the first quarter, therefore it is officially good hockey. and everything else went exactly as planned. a good crowd out here in san francisco. and more importantly, 1-0 was your final. bakersfield, first goal in bull's history. hammers home, to tie the game at one, the bulls however, lost the game, 4-3, the final. jessica and jenelle, we'll be right back after the break.
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last night, vice presidential debate still has a lot of people talking, mostly about the behavior of the candidates. >> vice president joe biden came out, talking, stopping,
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